I've long admired the work of Dwain and Daniela Snyder; especially their equestrian photography. Their ability to capture the personality of the subjects and bring each photo to life is so special. Last September, they did a shoot with me and my new horse and got some beautiful shots! My favorites are the action shots where Barron looks like he could jump right out of the photo and continue across the field. Not only are Dwain and Daniela talented photographers, they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. A joy to know and work with.

Stephanie Millls

In 2012, it was our good fortune to be given the names of Dwain and Daniela Snyder of Equestrian Images. We had recently come together as four equine clinicians known as Perfect Partners Equine. We needed a website that would reflect our image, philosophy, character and message. From the very first day we met Dwain and Daniela on our photo shoot, we knew these were the folks who could help us achieve our marketing goals. Their professionalism and knowledge of the equine industry is second to none. Not only did they understand what we wanted to achieve on our website, but they each have an extraordinary way of putting together exquisite photography with the perfect text, layout and design. The Snyders are on the cutting edge of today's digital marketing industry. They worked closely with us to achieve our goals and continue to promote us and our vision. It is truly a pleasure to work with a couple whose passion and commitment works so well with our own.

Jackie Turnbull, Perfect Partners Equine

Dwain and Daniela Snyder arrived during a critical period in the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association's campaign to save an endangered horse breed and to designate the breed as the South Carolina State Heritage Horse. We knew that we had something special in the Marsh Tacky and that saving the breed would require the help of others. A few of us had local media contacts but we needed a much larger audience. Enter Dwain and Daniela! They were wonderful to work with and quickly understood what we were trying to do. Before any pictures were taken, they got to know the people and the horses and developed a clear understanding of our needs and the images that we wanted to project. Dwain's stunning photographs captured the wildness, beauty, and majesty of the Marsh Tacky and Daniela took our message worldwide. Our horses were featured on the covers of magazines, in the media, and on calendars. The association began receiving messages from all over the world and thousands traveled to Hilton Head Island to see the annual Marsh Tacky beach races. We greatly appreciate all that the Snyders continue to do to promote the association and the Marsh Tacky and look forward to many more years of working with this amazingly talented couple.

Jackie McFadden, Carolina Marsh Tacky Association

As a Marsh Tacky owner, I was very familiar with Dwain and Daniela's photography and website. In May of 2013, Dwain and Daniela came to Aiken, South Carolina and photographed our horses. You can see them on their website, www.EquestrianImages.us in a gallery, called "CMaier Marsh Tacky Farm." The amazing photos they took speak for themselves. We were very, very pleased with the outcome. I recently asked Dwain and Daniela if they would consider building a website for my partners and I, introducing the world to our First Turn Condo #204 overlooking Charlotte Motor Speedway. We host VIP events for corporations, families, friends and individuals who purchase tickets to view the racing events at Charlotte Motor Speedway from leather couches and window seats, overlooking the speedway, while they enjoy a meal and their favorite beverages. Both were very excited about taking on this challenge, and one that did not involve horses. The end results were absolutely amazing. The Home Page immediately gets one's attention with a slide show of awesome photos taken from the condo of the racing action, views of the interior and a beautiful rainbow over Turn 2. The ticket information, pricing, directions and contact information pages are very friendly and informative. Dwain and Daniela spent time in the condo with and without people to get a good feel of the place. Daniela asked a lot of questions, offered a lot of ideas and made sure that we were absolutely pleased with the way she was building the site for us. She takes it personally and works hard to make sure her clients get the best she can offer at a very affordable price. Dwain and Daniela are a very unique team and truly the "rock stars" of photography and web design. We would highly recommend them. Awesome, awesome job, well done!

Carlisle McNair, Turn One Partners, Charlotte Motor Speedway

Dwain and Daniela are extremely talented and passionate about their photography! Their work continues to impress and inspire me! It has been an honor to work with them on multiple occasions and I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

Christina Jones

In 2005, we decided to take our lesson and boarding business to the next level and hired Daniela to launch our new website. With the help of her unique design and Dwain’s stunning images, our website immediately caught a lot of attention and we continue to get a lot of business from the website to this day. We always get compliments on how nice and inviting our website looks. Daniela has been fundamental in taking our operation to the next level. We have not had to worry about not having enough students or boarders. With Daniela, you can really sit back and know you’re in good hands. She is proactive, easy to work with and has great communication skills. She is very modern in her approach and not afraid to find new ways to promote your business. Dwain is an amazing photographer and his knowledge of horses and the camera are second to none. The Snyders are a great team and truly understand how the equine industry works.

Annemieke Morrison, Honeysuckle Farm

Daniela and Dwain did a photo shoot for my horse and me. They did a wonderful job with during and after the shoot. They were fast and efficient at the shoot and equally fast in getting proofs out. Daniela then also worked with me and the marketing department of my company to get some of the photos incorporated into my website. I highly recommend them and will use them for all my photography needs in the future!

Marcia Bowen

Whether desiring a website for the first time or upgrading from an existing website, Daniela has the expertise to design a website for any business. I have hired her to design two websites and her attention to detail and creativity is matchless in the industry. Daniela is amazing at what she does and I would not have even have begun to think of some of the creative things that she designed for the site. To say that my exposure has increased since using her would be an understatement. Let's not forget contacts, as Dwain and Daniela benefit from their many years in the industry and know a lot of people to market your business. If you believe in your business, but do not know how to brand it, Dwain and Daniela are your team! Having the technical knowledge, combined with unmatched photography skills, the Snyders do not have to outsource any of their services, thus have total control of your vision, enabling them to deliver a superior product and at an affordable price. They both have a level of expertise, passion and energy that has made them the best in their field.

David Grant, Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors / Horse Tales TV

I am a Professional Horse Trainer in Waxhaw, North Carolina. My business has always been steady; though occasionally slow. Several years ago, I met, and began working with Dwain & Daniela Snyder. Initially, I thought we were just going to have some photos taken to use for advertising. What we got instead, was a stunning array of talent and ability that can only be described as phenomenal! Daniela's talents include Marketing, Website design, Production of Professional advertising products, and many others. Her extensive knowledge of her subjects, coupled with an incredibly diverse "contact list" allow her to get clients in contact with the people who can help them become more successful. Through internet, publications, television, or any other media, Daniela can help your business become more successful, more profitable, and more fun. She was instrumental in turning mine into what it is today. Now, if I just had enough help to keep up...

Mark Hausman, The Mark Hausman Training Center

I first became aware of Dwain & Daniela Snyder after seeing some of their photography and being absolutely awe struck with its beauty and creativity. I had been in search of an equine photographer who could capture the essence of our horses. Once I saw their work, I knew I had found exactly who I was looking for. Dwain and Daniela have done several farm shoots and other photography for me. I am always complimented by friends, other horse farms and complete strangers about the photos of my horses. Several photos of my horses ended up on magazine covers and calendars, which has been a great promotion for our farm. Daniela also designed some amazing full-page ads which caught a lot of attention. This past year, Daniela agreed to update my website which was outdated and looked very much like a lot of others who have my particular breed of horse. Daniela created a stunning design, completely updated the site and made it uniquely mine. I am constantly getting comments about the website and the photos. It is also much more interactive with my customers. Daniela’s innovative ideas keep my farm on the cutting edge of new technology. The Snyders are always professional and despite their exceptional skills, manage to keep their prices affordable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to keep one step ahead in this industry, convey an image that the customer can trust and show the high quality of their horses or services.

Judy Mezzanotte, Rockin' Double J Farm

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