Dwain Snyder

I am originally from Pontiac, Michigan with strong Native American roots. I have been very passionate about photography for most of my life. The decision to start our own photography business began with the desire to reach out to a specific audience and produce visually stunning imagery that shows the beauty and spirit of all living beings. 

When "Equestrian Images" was born in 2003, we initially just wanted to help horses in need and we began doing a lot of volunteer work for many non-profit organizations. When the Equus Survival Trust asked me to photograph Marsh Tacky horses to help raise awareness for this endangered breed, my journey took me to no other than David Grant's farm in Florence, S.C. Little did I know that this was no ordinary farm call. David was a hunter and he wanted his horses to be captured doing their job: chasing wild hogs through the swamps with a pack of Pee Dee game dogs at their heels. After my first hunt along the swampy river banks of the Great Pee Dee River, I looked like I had been through a meat grinder climbing through briars and brush trying to keep up with the action of the hunt. A few Lowcountry extreme shoots later and I was hooked! I fell in love with the breed's courage and spirit. I have since had the great fortune to photograph some amazing horses, but the Marsh Tacky has and will always be one of the toughest and most fascinating horses I've ever met.

Aside from horses, we have photographed many weddings and other non-equine events, however we became mostly known for our equine images, many of which have been  published worldwide and in many notable publications. I have been on many adventures photographing horses and each one has been very different and brought on different sets of challenges. When people recognize not only the beauty but the sometimes untamed, mysterious spirit of the horses in my photos, then I know I have done my job.

Daniela Snyder

I am originally from Munich, Germany and came to the United States in 1989. Dwain and I met in 1997 and married a year later. I am a digital image artist and enjoy creating websites and marketing campaigns for a number of clients. I have also been serving as a second shooter as needed.

Growing up in the world of classical dressage, I have always had a deep love for horses and art, thus I am very passionate about equine photography as well as its artistic possibilities. In addition, my involvement with Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors has enabled me to learn a great deal about American History, its heroes and its horses. Just like the Tacky horses, Southerners are a unique bunch with a culture all their own.

As Dwain has been finding new and innovative ways to expand his skills as a photographer, I too have been able to expand my creative skills over the years, which has brought the quality and uniqueness of our imagery to a whole new level.  I truly enjoy the many different aspects each assignment brings, whether it's a farm call, a wedding, or a theater performance. Although horses have been my daily inspiration, the beauty of all photography lies in the fact that it truly has no limits.  

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